Defend Your Rights to Choose Your Criminal Defense Team

If you have been arrested for a crime, immediately contact one of San Antonio criminal attorney to represent you. Your future depends on it. This team will rise to the challenge as they have during the last 50 years and defend you to the best of their ability is very experienced and skilled. Are you being charged with theft, burglary, sex crimes, assault, domestic violence, murder, drug crimes, bi, a violation of federal or something else, this team has celebrated victory in all types of criminal cases.

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They know every detail of the law involving this type of crime, but most importantly they know your rights and be there to defend them from beginning to end. This duo put San Antonio on the map in terms of criminal law. They choose to represent you is the best decision you ever make.

In choosing a law firm to represent you, you not only get a lawyer, but you actually get two professionals who will stand behind you and represent you to the best of the ability to afford them. This lawyer is a strong advocate for those whose rights are too often forgotten: those who are charged with a crime. They believe in individual rights and that no matter how bad the facts may appear, you are innocent until proven guilty and entitled to the best – and aggressive – defense possible.

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If you choose them to represent your case, they will be there from start to finish and will be very receptive to everything you say. They really care about their clients and their rights. Defend you is what they do best. Do not let your case falls into the hands of the lowest bidder or someone with little or no real criminal litigation experience. Choose a strong defense team whose field of expertise is criminal law and who want to help you fight.

This duo offers a level of experience in criminal law that you do not see every day. On top of many years of combined experience they offer, Mario Del Prado also is among the 1 percent of the board-certified criminal defense lawyers in Texas. Plus, they really know everything there is to know about criminal law and your rights as an individual being charged for the crime. Get online and read their biographies. Read what former clients to say about them. They both studied law and have excelled in their studies and in the courtroom.

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If your rights are being violated throughout the duration of your case, they will recognize it and jump into action. In the meantime, they will fight tooth and nail right beside you to protect these rights. Are you innocent or guilty, you are still entitled to the rights of representation of your own choice. Take advantage of these rights and choose the best San Antonio criminal attorney to defend you.

This team really put forth their best effort to get to know you and learn every detail about your case. They really want to help you take back your freedom and will go above and beyond to do so. Combined their experience and powerful method of defense are famous throughout Texas. Choose the best criminal defense attorney in San Antonio to give yourself the best chance in the courtroom.

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Christine Del Prado has been mentioned in “The Nation Top One Percent” attorney by the National Association of Counsel Distinguished and “Top 100 Trial Lawyers” by the National Trial Lawyers. Mario Del Prado has consistently been named Texas Super Lawyers magazine Texas Monthly and Board Certified in Criminal Court by the National Board of Trial Advocacy and Board Certified Criminal Law by the Texas Board of Legal Specialization, which is quite an achievement since only 1% of Texas attorneys to meet the standards this.