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Advantages of Stone Kitchen Countertop Materials

The quartz counters are designed to simulate the natural glimpse of granite some people believe that the quartz does not have the depth and beauty of granite. To be certain that look you like, make sure you see samples of both natural and artificial stone. Finally, with the color and pattern, your quartz options are more limited compared with natural stone.

There are a large number of colors available, but especially if you are trying to exactly the existing color scheme you can choose an infinite rainbow of natural stone. If you are searching for natural stone countertops in Austin, TX then you can visit various online sources.

Corian Countertops

Corian is another type of engineered stone that is similar to quartz. This type of surface rock-solid deals table most of the advantages of granite and quartz as well as some unique benefits. Such as quartz and granite countertops, Corian countertops are stain, heat, and scratch-resistant. It is also nonporous, so it never needs to be sealed. Further, Corian has added the advantage of being a certified official. Unlike granite, Corian countertops can also be completely integrated with Corian sinks and backsplashes to create a seamless visual surface.

But, Corian also does not have a weakness. It is heat resistant, but merely to 212ºF. Higher temperatures will damage your table, so you will almost always need to protect your Corian tables from hot objects. Also, as with quartz, some people prefer the natural look of granite for a uniform and consistent appearance Corian. Corian countertops are also only available in limited colors and patterns, which some people do not like.

With these advantages and disadvantages in mind, you are now armed with the information you need to choose the perfect kitchen countertop material for your home. Visit your local showroom or installer stone tables to view samples and learn more about making your dreams a reality beautiful stone countertops.