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Advantages of Using Cordless Electric Chainsaws

Cordless electric chainsaws are very popular for people who do not want to be tied down by wires while cutting firewood, trimming lawns, or any other yard work that requires a large amount of power. Cordless makes it possible to work in any area without the risk of running the risk of electrocution. This versatile tool is easy to use and comes with a multitude of features. There is a reason that every home in America has one and it is not because they are dangerous. You can shop battery chainsaws here.

While working on large tree branches or ripping down tall trees can be dangerous, a cordless electric chainsaw is also a great option for trimming lawns and small shrubs. Best selling for around two hundred dollars, the Realtor Electric Chainsaw by Hunter sells for just over one hundred dollars and comes with a decent build quality. It comes with a full automatic back up in case of an accident. Then, if the battery dies, it chargers incredibly quickly.

This is a high performance chainsaw from the brand of Greenworks. Some consumers may be concerned about the long warranty card that Greenworks offers, but overall it does offer a decent warranty with no restrictions. The chainsaw comes with a three year limited warranty card and a lifetime warranty card. It is important to note that both the electric power tools and the stand together as a complete unit that is covered under the homeowner's warranty.

Many brands offer a good warranty, but only the best brands offer the extended warranties. One of the most important parts of any electrical chain saw is its electric power source and the cordless chainsaw brands that sell with lifetime warranties usually have built in lifetime warranties. A quality brushless motor is critical to the proper function of this type of tool and Hunter provides a two horse strong electric motor. This gives it the ability to cut through many types of tree material with ease. It also is able to handle even the largest of branches and has a powerful enough cutting force to split logs or cut down most branches with little effort.

For safety precautions, you should always switch the power off before attempting any type of cordless chain saw operation. Also, when using this tool-less chain tensioning device, you should always use gloves and old clothes as protection against the small blades. Always read all the instructions that come with your chainsaw and pay special attention to the safety precautions. Some chainsaws may be powered by one or two batteries while others require a triple-A battery.

Some people find that a kickback can occur if their throat is hit by the chainsaw when the tension is too tight. To prevent this from happening to you, always make sure the kickback prevention tab is in the "on" position and that it's fully open. If it is not and your throat gets hit, the blade could go into your throat. The kickback will stop once you remove the plug or if your battery dies. Before using your chainsaw in a situation where kickback might occur, always test the kickback relief by putting it on and pressing the side handle a few times.

If you're using cordless chainsaw batteries, you'll need to purchase lithium polymer (or LiPo) batteries. LiPos are commonly referred to as "Nicad" batteries. These batteries are designed for use in small to medium duty power tools. You can find these types of batteries at most major retailers, including some home improvement stores.

One important feature of many cordless chainsaws nowadays is the availability of both battery and charger kits. A battery charger will power up your chainsaw's engine so that you can start working right away. A separate cordless saw charger will charge your batteries, which should be connected to your saw's power cord, also. You can save money by purchasing a combination kit that will give you both power and portability, making them ideal for just about any job.