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Benefits of Prescription Lenses for VR

VR headsets have been on the rise and they definitely show no signs of stopping. With so many people stuck at home due to the current world’s situation, it is only natural that escaping to a fully-fledged virtual world is becoming the norm. 

VR headsets are that entrance to virtual worlds that bring hours upon hours of joy, wonders, and discovery but, some people can have some trouble enjoying such headsets when their own eyes struggle to see them. You may visit the VR Wave website to purchase prescription lenses for VR.

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What Are The Benefits?

VR Wave’s prescription lenses are tailor-made with your eyes in mind, therefore, they are highly customizable, meaning that they will fit your eyes and your needs perfectly.


VR Wave’s prescription lenses are incredibly easy to install and to use, making it as quick and simple of an installation process as possible.

These products come with a magnetic mount as well as magnetic prescription lenses, making them simple to attach and detach, without compromising comfortability. 

2.Blue Light Filter

VR Wave’s prescription lenses offer the option of adding a blue light filter so your eyes are safe and sound as you are traversing the virtual worlds that reside in virtual reality!

In case you are someone that needs to wear prescription lenses then VR Wave’s prescription lenses are a must, so you can enjoy your VR Headset without the discomfort of wearing glasses underneath, all while seeing as clear as if you were!