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Body Conditioning Score Is A Powerful Management Tool For Dairy Farmers

One easy tool may help any cows manufacturer make great nutritional choices, type animals correctly as well as forecast reproductive success.  Known only as"BCS," it is a method of assigning a body condition score to each cow in the herd and handling based on that score."

This only requires a pair of eyes, also, if you would like to go high tech, then you write it down to a bit of paper," Matt Hersom states.  You can get more information about the BCS score in cattle via online sources.

"We, at the cattle industry, possess this instrument at our disposal, also, it is incredibly strong.  It does not cost anything.  Everyone can learn that and use it.  There is no reason to not," Hersom states.

Locating body condition score software is merely a visual evaluation of just how much fat that a cow is taking. In any event, it affects her nutrient requirements and her capacity to replicate or feed a jet.  

Protrack Body Condition Scoring

In studies with BCS for a cowherd management instrument, Ryon Walker, livestock adviser with the Noble Research Institute, notes that within a 75-day breeding year, body condition is going to be a powerful determinant in the percentage of cows bred. 

Consequently, if a cow reaches a BCS of 4, also, she wants to be in a 6 for breeding, then she will have to put on about 160 lbs.  Figure 2 lbs per day average profit, and, it is possible to see how much time it may take to compensate for the missing condition.“

To acquire BCS," Hersom notes," a cow needs to raise its intake to absorb additional energy, which is directed at lean and fat tissue gain."There's a cost evaluation element that should come into play if a cow should acquire substantial body condition.