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Cintiq 22HD IIs The New Solution For Artists

Technology has greatly evolved. With the advent of new technologies on the market every day the works of various types become easier and faster. The artists have now reason to enjoy it because of the emergence of the Cintiq 22HD in the market. There are many companies that provide service of rent Cintiq via

Cintiq 22HD is a new model from Wacom. Tablet from Wacom Cintiq screen has been quite popular in the market and now with the launch of the Cintiq 22HD, is expected to perform better with improved ergonomics. There are two strips back in touch in the new model that has really made it come into demand.

Cintiq 22HD pen from Wacom Intuos new grip has a new sensor technology. In order to begin to paint, do not require any pressure so to say. This gives a more natural feeling to the users of the Cintiq 22HD. 

The main reason for this is that this device has 2048 levels of pressure which is actually twice that of previous models. Along with the design factor, it can be said that the whole tablet has undergone a redesign. There are about eight programmable keys on each side of the Cintiq 22HD, plus bezel.

Two touch strips that are on the tablet has made a cool device. These strip touchpads act as mini-track and by type of application can be used for four functions. These functions can be changed by using the thumb only. The round button provided on the front of the tablet is used to change the function.