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Different Types Of Heavy Hauling Trucks.

A lot of organizations, like the law enforcement and the fire department, use heavy haul trucks to maintain order and safety. The heavy hauling truck is commonly known for hauling out damaged automobiles from the road. 

But, due to its ability to pull around heavy objects, it has received different modifications, suitable for different functions. There are various truck companies like rcstrucking that provides affordable heavy haul truck services.

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To give us a better view, here are the various types of heavy hauling trucks.

Hook and Chain Trucks: Hook and chain haul trucks are the most common among all types. They are utilized for hauling damaged vehicles and further automobiles off the road. 

They are also used by the police force or self-governing truck companies. These trucks are also named as sling trucks. 

Wheel-Lift Trucks: Like hook and chain trucks, a wheel lift truck is utilized to haul broken cars. These trucks are similar to the hook and chain haul trucks, but cause much less damage. 

The distinction is, rather than using chains, they use a metal yoke. It hooks under the front or back wheels to be hauled away. 

Boom Trucks: Moving cars from a channel or out of a hole, sometimes, cannot be done by simply hauling. Boom trucks solve that concern, as their implement can easily lift the heavy loads. It can be also used for pulling.

Flatbed Hauling Trucks: Flatbed haul trucks are the smaller cousins of traditional flatbeds. They are utilized for transporting numerous cars, all together, from one location to another. Auto companies use these trucks for production.