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Different Types Of Visas For Travel In Australia

The type of visa that you select depends on how long you wish to stay in the country and the purpose of stay. If you want to get more information about an Australian online visa, then you can navigate to Here is a look at the different Australian visa types:

Tourist Visa 

This visa is valid for 12 months, however, it is possible to get a tourist visa that extends beyond the 12 months. Now it is possible to obtain an Australian tourist visa online through Australia's Electronic Travel Authority (ETA) system.

This is the most advanced tourist visa provider and it replaces the label and stamp process on the passport. ETA is issued in a matter of seconds by the system and it links the Australian visa department with more than 300,000 travel agents across the work.

Business Visa

This visa encourages business owners to develop new businesses in Australia and also settle their business in Australia to enhance the country's economic development.

Those applying for a business visa must have a business with an annual turnover of more than $500,000, which should have been released for two out of four years, before the visa application. It is also necessary that the applicant has business and personal assets that are worth $250,000 to conduct the business.

Working Holiday Visa

This visa is meant for those who want to holiday in Australia, but at the same time wish to take up employment during their period of stay. This is valid for twelve months, during which time the visa holder can take up any form of employment.

The employment period is limited to a period of six months. This visa can also be used to study, but the period for study is limited to four months. The applicant must be about 18 years of age, to be eligible for application and the maximum age limit on this visa is 30 years.