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Diversify Into Non-Traditional Assets Through Capital Alternatives

Capital Alternatives provides alternatives to investment deals in a range of products such as wines, memorabilia, gold, farmland, carbon credits, and ground rents.

Capital Alternatives are a leading broker in a non-traditional asset class offering reliable government-backed deals to institutional and retail investors across the globe. To know about real estate in Abidjan visit https://www.myafric.com

Investors can earn profits in the range of 15 to 40% from investments in farmlands, and the investment offered by Capital Alternatives in carbon credits allows investors to earn in the range of 30 to 100%.

The plantation projects are suitable for institutional high worth investors and many investors across the globe are buying land in farmland projects which are based on rice farming and palm oil in West Africa, the project is backed by the Sierra Leone government.

The project offers flexible terms and conditions, and secure exit to investors which ensures complete satisfaction and sustainable profits.

Capital Alternatives – Investment in farmland in rice farming and plantation projects The investment opportunities offered by Capital Alternatives in rice farms in Sierra Leone in West Africa are in partnership with African land, the local firm which is one of the leading farmers of West Africa offering a range of deals in rice farming and plantation projects in West Africa.

The project of Capital Alternatives is based on the fact that the global population is increasing, however, the food production is not increasing at the same rate, further, and the change in climate has made it difficult for farmers to grow adequate food to meet even the local demand.