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Does Getting Orthodontic Braces Hurt?

Many teens wonder if getting braces for their teeth hurts. But this question is rarely asked because they fear the answer. The truth is that braces (brackets), which are placed on the teeth by an orthodontist, are relatively painless and quick. 

If you are afraid of braces, you may get Hi 5 invisalign treatment that is done using the best tools and technology. This treatment is painless, making it a good option for children.

In this treatment, the orthodontist can use study models to determine the exact bracket position. Cementing orthodontic brackets onto teeth requires a well-planned appointment. Orthodontists may even place a template on the teeth to show where the bracket will be placed. This is the first step to creating a successful treatment program.

Your orthodontist will need to cement brackets and place the orthodontic wire in about two hours. However, there is no pain during this procedure. This non-invasive procedure involves applying cement on the tooth surface, placing brackets, and curing the cement. The procedure of placing the wire to move your teeth into the correct position is painless. The light gauge wire is used to adjust the pressure on your teeth, gums, and bone.

Patients often describe tooth movement as light pressure. Patients aren't likely to use the words pain and discomfort because today's orthodontic technology is focused on decreasing inflammation from tooth movement.

What can cause minor discomfort during the first week of wearing braces for orthodontics? The fact that your brackets are on your teeth may cause some discomfort in your lips and cheeks for the first few days. But in some time it will be all fine.