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Early Detection Of Mastitis In Cows

Mastitis is a disease that is said to be inflammation/swelling of the udder tissue and mammary glands. This is a major widespread disease of dairy cows. One can do the detection of mastitis in cows early with Saber SCC easily and take the preventive steps as soon as possible. 

It typically occurs as an immune reaction to bacterial invasion of the teat canal through several sources of bacteria in agriculture. It can also occur as a result of thermal injury, chemical and mechanical udder tissue.

Network responsible for the production of milk and also some channels around the udder can be hurt because of toxic bacteria, and sometimes can leave the udder with permanent damage.

Science has given us some of the techniques through which this dangerous disease early detection possible. To get the complete information about this, you can go ahead and visit

Mastitis, in many cases, is counted as a very complex disease that can be caused due to various factors. One of the most common is – it can be present in a herd of sub-clinical.

Practices such as paying close attention to the milking sanitation, good housing management, removing chronically infected cows and dairy cows provide effective nutrition to provide good health for cows is very important in helping to lower the level of the low mastitis in the herd.

The most common reason of transmission of mastitis in cattle herd is through the milking machine. It may also get transmitted through dirty hands or other materials such as beds and other equipment. Early detection of the disease is possible by using saber SCC.