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Enjoy your Summer with these Hair Care Tips


Majority of the world enjoy their summer vacation by either heading over to beaches or hill station with their loved ones. But when it comes to the hair, many people do not give preference to it. In fact, this is the season where the hair starts to lose its moisture capability that leads to accumulation of dandruff along with going dry. If you wish to enjoy your summer without needing to worry about your hair, then follow some of these tips.

  1. Consider Tying –If you have long hair and prefer to keep it open then consider tying it. You may also consider using a scarf or hat to cover your hair in case they are long. The hat and scarf will help your hair to breathe more and also protect against the sun’s rays.
  2. Consider Using a Dry Shampoo – During the summer, using chemical-based shampoo leads to removal of natural oil which in turn damages the scalp. Therefore, consider using a dry shampoo to offer protection to your hair. You can also make one at home by mixing 2tbsp of cocoa powder and cornstarch.
  3. Consider Using Smooth Serum – When it comes to using a serum, ensure you are using natural one instead of comprising of tons of chemicals. Just like a dry shampoo, you can also make serum at home by using 1tbsp of jojoba oil mixed with 8 to 10 drops of peppermint oil.

During the summer, you may also want to consider getting natural keratin treatment at home.