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Grab a Swan Valley Wine before Lunch


If there is anything perfect to talk about before lunch at the brewery store, it is the 12 different wines that can be tasted before lunch. Swan Valley has something really special to offer at the Upper reach winery and not just wines, they have a platter to enjoy between wines too. These wines are developed at these mini winery shops and are fermented to be offered right there with the purest of the quality.

The 2014 Verdelho, which costs around $20 for a bottle. It is built with fresh lemons and has a flowery smell, dried herbs with the local tropical fruits fermented there.

2008 Verdelho, the cost is around $35 per bottle which is deep yellow and for some reason has a smell of Kerosene, and notes of Honey on toast. They offer smooth stone fruit flavours and oregano touch to make it tasteful.

2007 Reserve Chardonnay, is a limited edition of Wine available. This has the aroma of Butterscotch, Butter, toast and incense stick to keep the environment little deep and low.

2009 Reserve Chardonnay costing around $45 bottle has a deep yellow in colour with a platter of Butter and Vanilla aroma filled snacks.

2009 Merlot, costing around $50 is a big-time surprise from Swan Valley Wine Tours with and is dominating among all wines. It is Garnet-brown in colour with an aroma of stewed plums and mint leaves. It has quite a strong tannins taste and acidic.