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Hard Chicken And Its Cooking Recipe

Hard hens are actually old hens that stop laying eggs and eat natural things when they are freed, and beat their mates. What an old granny bird!

Hard chicken is found only in ethnic meats, not on supermarket shelves. So make sure that they remove the skin and cut the bird in the middle part, which will simplify the cooking process. You can find information regarding the best hard chicken via an online source.

Hard Chicken And Its Cooking Recipe

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I especially like the deep aroma of bone marrow and it is great to know that it contains almost no fat. Great news for those who suffer from counting calories.

Cooking Tips:

You will need to cook it a little at a time to get the taste and texture right. For example, vinegar and potatoes help the meat cook slowly when it is cooked slowly. 

I insist that cooking in the pressure cooker will cook the chicken quickly but spoil the original taste. In this way Grand Ma's quaint kitchen showcases its natural taste and juices on the stove.

Once you try it, you will always remember how delicious it tastes. Finally be sure to add a few tablespoons of coconut milk, which adds a surprising level of flavor. 

Try this dish with hot rice, rotis, noodles, noodles or bread or with fresh coconut flakes with boiled cassava, which complements most of the dish.