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History Of The Arabic Culture And Perfume

Arabs live in the part of Asia that is mainly dry, so the most viable economic activities over the centuries have been commercially and are known for their commercial activities. They move from one side of the other desert on camels to trade with people from different communities.

During these trips, they can gather a wide variety of spices that are used in the manufacture of Arabic perfumes. To get more details about Arabic perfumes you may see it here.

arabic perfumes

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Oudh for example has been used as a perfume since antiquity that was India. Oudh is a piece of wood that has a sweet smell when burned. The smoke emitted by it is nice.

Oudh is used in various functions. Oudh oil could be extracted and bottled.

Another Arab perfume is backdoor. It has been used in Arabic which is composed of a mixture of spices. Bakhoor like small coals are burned to produce a pleasant scent.

The Arabs have also increased their plants that have been used in the manufacture of perfumes. Jasmine was the most popular plant.

oil fragrances have played a major role in the Arab perfume, upscale perfume oil was extracted from a variety of materials such as agarwood, incense, and flowers like roses.

Frankincense was also a larger perfume in the Arab civilization which has a mild aromatic fragrance, however, frankincense can not be used by everyone as it is expensive and mostly used for religious purposes.