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How To Stop Thumb Sucking By Your Child

Thumb sucking is one of the first coordinated acts by a baby for comfort and pleasure. Parents usually start to worry too early about how to stop this habit of their children. It is not necessary to stop thumb sucking before the age of four unless parents notice a problem in their teeth due to vigorous thumb sucking. Why Thumb sucking becomes a problem:-

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1. Thumb-sucking causes serious problems if it continues long after the eruption of permanent teeth. The problem becomes more serious if it continues after the age of four and five.

2. Prolonged finger and thumb sucking can create crowded crooked teeth or bite problems.

3. A child may also develop speech problems or problems with swallowing properly.

4. Malformations of teeth can affect the child’s appearance and cause further emotional problems. Most children outgrow this behavior with their pre-school years up to that time when relatively harmless. The best way to get your child to stop sucking his thumb / her is to find a way to help him do it.


1. Talk to fight bad germs in our hands and how to place their child in his mouth while engaging in thumb sucking.

2. Carefully remove your child’s thumb out of her mouth while sleeping

3. Give your child extra attention and observe if conflicts or anxiety provoke thumb sucking. If so help him find a healthier way to deal with stress.

4. Reward your child’s progress toward his goal.