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How To Troubleshoot Netgear Genie Extender page Not Opening?

If you have recently purchased a new range extender for your home network to boost its strength and speed, then you are among those fortunate customers who are part of the Netgear family. Are you able to perform the setup properly? If no, then there are chances that you stuck at the Netgear Genie setup page. This is common and can be easily fixed through the below-mentioned steps:

  • Check the physical connections of your range extender.
  • See if there is any loose or damaged cable connected. Replace it immediately.
  • Enter the web address carefully and see if you have entered the right IP address of your range extender which is If you are entering the wrong details, then you will find the problem.
  • Check the router SSID and password from the devices that are already connected to it and connect the range extender to the same SSID.
  • Sometimes, the band selected on the range extender doesn’t support the band selected on the router. So, make the bands the same and see if the problem is resolved or not.
  • After making these changes, try accessing the default IP address again and see if the Netgear genie page opens or not.

If you are still facing the same problem, then no need to get disappointed, just get in touch with Netgear Extender experts to fix the problem in the most appropriate way.