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Indian Food Dishes- South Indian Delicacies

When talking about the South Indian meal in general, what are the elements that flash immediately in mind? The list may vary from masala dosa, plain dosa, onion rava masala dosa rava, Vada sambhar, plain uttapams, mixed uttapam, idli sambhar, etc. For more information about indian food dishes recipes visit

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More South Indian food items are worth mentioning Murukku, idiyappam, Rasam, uthappam,  thayir pachadi (mixed vegetables with dahi) thayir Sadam (rice mixed with dahi) PORIYAL (a dry vegetable dish), thayir vadai ( fritters soaked Dahi) kootu / kari (vegetables prepared wet), papadum (cooked flour-chip lenses) appalam (deep fried lentil flour chips), and the list of varieties continues. And each dish is served with coconut chutney and spicy sambhar oriented.

South Indian food is an excellent blend of nutritional balance, flavors,  fragrance, colors, taste, seasoning, and visual appeal. If you compare the lentil dishes like dals with the other parts of the country, you find that these are soupier besides being spicier and hotter. 

Once you start having South Indian cuisine, you really become addicted to it; this is the appetizing taste. There are so many south Indian food restaurants in the USA. If you want to have south Indian food you will find many restaurants serving the aforementioned food products.