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Items You Must Never Bring to a Hostel


Some travelers enjoy packing their bags and others not so much. It is, however, recommended to pack their bags in a smart manner to avoid mistakes. And by mistakes, it usually means to bring the items that are going to be required and leave the unwanted ones behind. If you’re going to stay inside a hostel, then these are a few items you should never bring along with you.

  1. A Calendar – If you wish to check the date during your travel, then consider looking at the phone. Modern hostels also have their own set of the calendar so why bother bringing one.
  2. Alarm Clock – This is an item that helps you get up however, it becomes a nuisance for others. If you wish to still use an alarm clock then use the one found inside your phone. Moreover, set the alarm ringing volume to a low as to avoid disturbing others' sleep.
  3. Expensive Stuff – Expensive items can be a laptop, camera lens, jewelry items that should be either left behind or avoid showing off in the hostel. You never know the true intention of a fellow traveler therefore, be careful in case you are bringing along with you in the hostel.
  4. Bad Attitude – You are going to meet new people while staying in a hostel. Make sure that your rude and arrogant is washed away while striking a conversation with others. If you are a shy or an introvert individual, make sure to at least smile if someone says a simple ‘Hello’.

These are the items you shouldn’t bring along to Phuket hostels.