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Know ERP Implementation Tips

Implement in Stages

Instead of implementing the ERP solution all at once, it's wise to consider implementing in stages. This helps integrate all the departments and their functionalities in a better manner without lot of glitches. Also, it's easier to educate the staff in stages.

Create Awareness to the Staff

It's the duty of the Senior Management team and the marketing team to ensure that members of the Staff are aware of the ERP implementation project. You can also get ERP consulting service online.

This helps the staff to mentally prepare themselves to change their working style post implementation. Posters at prominent locations inside company premises, emails, training programs will help spread awareness.

Mandate Trainings

It is very important that all the staff are trained in ERP so that they are able to use it without any issues. Training programs should be a blend of theoretical as well as hands-on.

Making training programs mandatory and including it as a credential for appraisals will ensure that all the staff undergoes training compulsorily, within the given timeline.

Have Consultants to assist your staff

Once the ERP solution gets implemented, it takes some time for the staff to get well-versed with the features and functionalities.

A good vendor will assist the staff through team of Consultants, to help the staff wherever required. Staff can call a helpline to get assistance, if they are not sure about something.