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Know The Different Types Of Exfoliating Body Scrubs?

Our skin cells are shed every 30 days but this is not evenly distributed and makes it even we need to use a scrub or exfoliants. The smooth skin scrub comes with skin type. Exfoliant Abrades the top of the skin to remove dead skin and in turn make it look more refined and young. 

As we grow up, our natural "shedding" abilities are reduced, and our skin can be loaded with old and dead skin – clog the surface and create lifeless skin and less than a boring vital. Exfoliels smooth your skin, start the production of new collagen, and can help improve the appearance of fine lines and mild acne and absorb moisture easier.

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Homemade scrub: select base, after the base is selected, the rest of the scrub can be made. To add color and texture, dry and herbal flowers can be used. For example. Rose petals, orange peels, rosemary, lemongrass, and wise are very good choices. Materials that contain moisture or tendencies to form or decay may need preservatives if they will be on the shelf for a long time. 

Salt oil, lemon, and mint are refreshing, while lavender gives a relaxed feel. Scrubs can be mechanical (fruit, fiber, loofah, microdermabrasion) or chemistry such as AHA and retinol. A lightweight srub can be used once a week a stronger scrub needs to be used once in two weeks.

For sensitive skin using a scrub with small beads and a cream base or fruit and fiber seeds, try to rub the product and feel it at your fingertips before buying. For scrubs of oily skin use salt, grains, clay, or mud during mud drawing oil from the pores.