Learn Quran Word By Word Online

Learn Quran word by word with Tajweed or Tafsir with the best teachers from Arab countries and Pakistan. The teachers will give you excellent instruction in Arabic and Tajuid in every word in the Quran. You can learn the meaning of each word and understand the concept of the whole verse. Learning the Quran word by word online will help you to read and understand well if you want to learn about Tajuid and Tafsir at the same time. You can also learn to recite Quran for Beginners by enroll online.

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Learning the Quran word for word is only possible by learning the basics of the Arabic language and the Arabic alphabet. You will learn the sound and correct pronunciation of each letter. Taking it word by word, once you have completed all 28 Arabic letters, you will be able to know and pronounce the words in Arabic. 

Before you understand the meaning of the verses of the Quran, you need to learn to read them. There are several rights of the Quran against Muslims as follows:

  • Let us believe him that this is the last book of Allah SWT about mankind.
  • To learn how to read and pronounce correctly with tajwid.
  • To understand the meaning and message it contains for the Creator.
  • Let us act according to Allah's commands in the Quran.
  • To spread Allah's message to all mankind so that others can benefit from it too.
  • So there are 5 rights of the Quran that must be obeyed by every human being, especially all Muslims must take it into account in their lives.