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Digital printing creates digital images on physical surfaces such as paper, photo paper, film, cloth, and plastic. This technology enables direct printing without intermediate media such as film negatives or plating machines. This method is not only the most popular for printing and taking photos, but it is also environmentally friendly by avoiding all the chemicals used in traditional photography.

Digital printing connects the printer to the computer. The first step in digital printing is to format the image on a computer. Digital printing eliminates a variety of mechanical processes, including the need to make films and plates. You can also get the managed printing services and support in Vancouver from Automation One.

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Digital printing is divided into two main departments depending on the printing media. This division is a variable image and a live image. Variable images using a laser printer, inkjet printer, or digital printing machine. Live rendering uses electronic files to create films or plates for printing. Computer-to-plate, computer-to-plate (known as digital plate manufacturing), and computer-to-plate printing machines are different techniques for digital imaging.

Digital printing technology offers many advantages over traditional printing, including faster waiting times, cost-effectiveness, and accurate verification. No movie recording is required for digital printing and you can customize the document. It is capable of producing high-resolution images. Digital printing is the fastest and cheapest printing technique for 500 prints or less. It is widely used for making cards, multi-page documents, brochures, sales sheets, advertising images, flyers, video boxes, and CD packaging.