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Online Charity Auctions – What Are the Advantages to Businesses of Donating?

Perhaps, as a business you are asking, should we donate money to charity? Or maybe you are looking for new ways to donate money to charity, a way that can also be beneficial to your business?

How much do you know about online charity auctions? What if donating to a charity organization wasn't just a one-way process?

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How does it work?

From tea at The Ritz or meeting your favorite actor to a catwalk- side seat at London Fashion week; from amazing luxurious holiday packages to memberships for gyms and clubs. There's a sensational selection of treats and unique experiences up for grabs at most online charity auctions, all donated by different businesses trying to raise brand awareness, with the added bonus of making a charitable contribution.

Most online charity auction sites will display a company logo, an image, a short description and provide a link to the donor's website. This exposure not only receives the obvious brand benefits but also unlocks potential Search Engine Optimization (SEO) benefits too, which is so highly sought after in this era.

Recent research showed that 83% percent of consumers would prefer to buy products that were associated with a charitable cause

Being a corporate donor to charity is not just being a good corporate citizen – there are good business reasons for doing so too.

These auctions provide a turnkey marketing program that can provide marketers with measurable advertising value, leads and paying customers. The company can reach consumers when they are at the point of making a purchasing decision in their sector. Often bidders are affluent and influential, an area of the market that is hard to reach.