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Photographers Backpack Essentials for a Tropical Vacation


If you have an eye for the lens and a streak for traveling, then a professional camera kit backpack is in order along with tickets and a guide map. Photographers love Thailand. The people are hospitable and the scenery is mind blowing. The locals love to take you around to take a look at the heritage and natural wonders that the country is blessed with. Let us recall what a photographers backpack must carry on a trip to the island.

Battery backup – It is necessary to have multiple battery packs before you start your expedition. Mostly battery is not allowed to be included into luggage so it is safer to carry them in hand carry. So if you have backup in stock carry it in your handbag. And if you don’t, then don’t forget to grab some after you have reached your destination. Battery packs initially need longer to charge up. So make sure to have them full before you head out for the sightseeing next day.

Plastic liners or shopping bags – Anyone who owns and loves his camera knows how we are always thinking of taking precautions from exposing it to moisture. High-grade plastic bags come in handy to protect your gear while on a kayaking trip, or even if you are on foot and it starts to drizzle. A good idea is to have a roll of cling film along with some plastic bags in your backpack at all times. If you take them out, just replenish the stock again.          

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