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Requirements for a Quality Tile Installation in Perth

What does it take to ensure that you have a quality tile installation? We have identified some requirements based on our knowledge and experience. They all contribute to a high-quality tile installation.

1. Only hire skilled tile installers

Only experienced and  well-trained tilers in Perth are able to produce high-quality installations that provide functionality and beauty for a lifetime. Tile is more than a decorative layer for a home or building. It must adhere to certain standards in order to perform as it should.

In order to differentiate this quality-oriented tile installer from others in the field, consider hiring a CTEF Certified Tile Installer (CTI). CTIs are industry experts and have demonstrated their ability to use best practices and knowledge.

2. Incorporate Movement Accommodation Joints into the Tile Installation

All commercial and residential tile installations will be affected by temperature and humidity changes. The use of expansion joints according to the TCNA Handbook For Ceramic, Glass, and Stone Tile Installation Method is essential and necessary in all tile work. Handbook states that

"The engineer or design professional shall indicate the exact locations and details for movement joints in project drawings."

Make sure that everyone involved in the project, including the architect, the specifier, and the designer, as well as the salesperson, knows and understands the importance of the placement and use of expansion joints.

3. Use only premium materials to install tiles

It is a wise investment to use premium quality bonding material. The price for exceptional quality is high. These materials have enhanced properties that affect both durability and function. It is foolish to save a few pennies per square foot on a thin-set mortar that's less expensive than a heavy, feature-laden tile mortar.

Experts in the tile industry agree that this is the best insurance policy to prevent problems during installation. There are many types of setting materials available, each with a different performance level to suit the job.