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Role of Cloud Computing Providers in Cloud Industry

Over the past few years, cloud computing has made a huge impact on the IT industry. Besides not stop and continued to do the same. IT industry to become more familiar with cloud computing and cloud computing are being benefited by the provider.

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Definition of Cloud Computing:

It is a representation of a shared collection of computing resources configured for the end-user. End-users use this resource for their own business purposes. Some of the computing resources are network, data, servers and related services.

The concept behind the cloud is that the use of shared resources for their own purposes and he had no knowledge of the position of the main sources of shared resources. In addition, users have nothing to do with the technical specifications of which he is using cloud services.

About Cloud Computing Provider:

They are the companies or organizations that provide cloud computing services to users. In this case, the user must pay the provider for any resources they use. Users do not need to buy or sign up for any server. This makes the end-user work much easier and faster.

Cloud providers have all the necessary resources required to provide cloud services to users. Some sources systems, electronic mail systems, file storage system operation, the accounting system. Security services, resources, encryption, and backup source.