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Stand Up Paddle Board Yoga Teacher Training

Humans have always been naturally drawn to water because of its healing and transformative properties. Many ancient cultures believed that the water element was essential in balancing the body and finding physical harmony. SUP yoga has been in trend for the past few years.

Spend two fun days in the water learning how to teach group and private yoga classes, or online SUP yoga teacher training. During these two days, you will have several hours of water time to improve your rowing skills, learn key techniques, turns, and water safety, while also learning how to plan and teach a SUP yoga sequence, meditation, and rowing. 

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We will delve in-depth onboard modifying yoga poses for beginners to advanced practitioners as we learn how to teach one-to-one, pair, and group classes. On your last day, you will teach your first SUP yoga class and let the training finish and get ready!

Paddle Yoga Teacher Training (SUP YTT) combines the best yoga teacher training, SUP skills training, and professional paddle yoga experience for the best SUP YTT program available. This training will provide you with the knowledge and skills you need to safely accommodate your students and train them on mats and boards in a fun and comprehensive manner.