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Stop Animal Abuse by Teaching Kids Animal Care

It's sad to say that animal abuse is an increasing issue all over the world. One latest article said that in the financial recession, more and more animals were being abandoned, and other figures show that in times of economic pressure, abuse of all kinds of animals, kids, spouses, and elders-rises measurably.

Rather like small kids, animals thrive on love, structure, and positive communication, yet in too many situations, this isn't what they're attaining at all. You can also look for the FACE foundation for animals or the best animal charity organization if you are interested in helping out animals in need.

When our children get their small hands on a kitten or a puppy, we have to consider whether our family has the resources and time to give this small pet its finest chance at a good, worthwhile life.  

Being unwittingly taught your kids how to care for a pet can foster the kind of responsibility and empathy in a kid that can stop animal abuse in the future.

• Tell your kids about pet abuse. Kids have extremely good hearts; they will be shocked to hear how some people treat pets and other animals. Remind them that some persons get fed up with their pets and disregard them, or that they get hurt by them.

• Remind your kids that baby pets grow up. A cute kitten and puppy will be a full-grown cat or dog in about a year. It will still be affectionate and lovable, but it won't be small, and it won't be as charming as it was.

A promise to an animal is a commitment for the pet's complete life, not only when they're cute and tiny, but also when they're big. Getting exhausted from a big pet is no excuse to neglect it.