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Table Cloth Cleaning – Maintaining Table Mats In A Restaurant

Maintaining table mats in restaurants is a common problem. Different materials require different cleaning methods. You will be able to appreciate the effort required to maintain the linen in a hotel laundry. 

You may not be able to have your own washing machine if you are in a standalone restaurant. Find a launderer that is capable and knowledgeable about handling your table linen. You can even visit this website to get help from professionals to make preparing and planning for your next event as easy as possible.

Cotton Table Mats

Because of their elegant appearance and low cost, table mats made from cotton-based fabrics are highly sought after. To reduce staining, they are often coated with non-absorbent artificial material. 

Some stains caused by food can be difficult to remove even if the mat is coated with non-absorbent synthetic material. Strong stain removing agents can cause the mat to become yellowed or even damage the fabric. The problem can be solved by repeated washes using normal cleaning agents.

Synthetic Mats

Many restaurateurs believe that synthetic table mats can solve the problem of keeping them clean. It isn't true. These mats can be wiped clean but they also need to be cleaned regularly – at most once per week. 

It is assumed that the table mats you purchased can withstand scrubbing. Place them flat on a surface. Use regular dishwashing detergents to scrub them gently, from top to bottom. 

Bamboo Table Mats

They should be avoided in restaurants. If you do have them, it is important to clean them. It is not a good idea to brush them. Brushing the mat can cause food particles to stick between the slats and become more powdery. This makes the mat very unhygienic. 

The best way to clean them is by vacuuming them and wiping/washing them to remove any stains. They cannot be dried on their own after being washed. To dry them, you will need to use hot or high-pressure air.