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Types Of Condo Fan Coil Units

Air-conditioned fan. Its main components are heat exchangers in coils and fins, fans, and drainage tanks. When you pump cooling water into the heat exchanger, the fan sends out cold air, when you pump hot water into the heat exchanger, the fan sends out hot air.

Large buildings are suitable for fan coil installation, e.g. B.: airports, hospitals, office buildings, hotels, department stores, schools, and factories. Learn more about Condo Fan Coil Repair here.

As noted above, fan coil units can be distinguished by the number of tubes. This includes two tube fan convectors and four tube fan convectors. The two-pipe device has both a flow and a return. On the other hand, the four-pipe fan coil unit has two flow pipes and two return pipes. The supply line is to supply cold or warm or cold water depending on the season. There is clearly a need to simultaneously heat and cool different areas of a particular building and for this reason, four-pipe coils are often used.

Fan coil units are arranged vertically in tall buildings and stacked on top of each other. They are also connected to each other by the exact same pipe. These units also have an excellent delivery mechanism. Unilux CRFC Industries has grown to become one of the leading suppliers of fan coil units in Canada. It offers consumers elegant, ultra-quiet and CE-certified fan coil units. The device is also installed in the engine mounted in thermal mode. It is also considered one of the best fan coil unit manufacturers not only in Canada.