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All About The Comparison Of Direct Fed Microbials

Direct-fed microorganisms, mainly yeast or bacteria, are microorganisms that have been fed to live hosts and can provide health benefits. DFM supplementation has been widely studied in broiler chickens to replace or decrease antibiotics as growth stimulators.

Multiple beneficial mechanisms may be present in DFMs that offer health benefits to the host. The gut microbiota, which is a complex microbial community, plays an important role in maintaining homeostasis and physiology as well as increasing productivity. You can also find more information on the direct fed microbials for poultry by visiting various websites.

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Indirect effects of microbiota in the gut on host health could be possible. Certain microbes like Campylobacter can have negative effects on human health and the environment. These microbes can affect the food chain and environmental contamination, which could be a danger to human health.


Selection criteria to study eligibility

Two independent reviewers were evaluated by using two screening methods. The first step was to evaluate the headings and abstracts of retrieved citations. Full-text articles were reviewed if the abstracts and titles passed the initial screening.

Study characteristics and data extraction

Two independent reviewers extracted the data from included studies. The following data were collected for each study: i. Bibliographic information (author names, publication dates), ii. Study design (number of treatments and type), iii. Characteristics of experimental chickens.

The systematic review and meta-analysis revealed that DFM supplementation modifies broiler chickens’ gut microbiotas by increasing log concentrations of beneficial bacteria and decreasing harmful bacteria.