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Several Applications Of Misting Systems

Misting systems have become a popular method of cooling outdoor areas such as the patio, pool, and barbecue. Misting systems have been an integral part of many industries for years. These systems can be used to provide cooling, but they also have other functions that are quite unexpected.

First, we need to mention that misters are high-pressure misting which produces water droplets extremely fine. These droplets can measure as small as 20-30 microns. This is in contrast to a normal water droplet which would be around 200 microns. A water fogging unit works by misting water through misting nozzles at high pressure. This pressure is generated by small pumps and small holes in the misting nozzles. Flash evaporation is a process where the water hits the air and causes it to cool.

Misting Fans

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Many misters are used in many commercial areas in a variety of different applications. Misting systems are commonly used in greenhouses to regulate temperature and humidity. You can set greenhouse misters up to run at specific hours or use a sensor system to trigger misters when relative humidity reaches a particular level.

It is essential to maintain a consistent temperature in the food industry. This function is also provided by a misting system. This mister's flash evaporative effect provides the required humidity but doesn't wet the surrounding area. This is a crucial aspect in an industry that is plagued by mold growth.

It is essential to have a dust suppression system in place for industrial sites where dust can be a problem. Misting nozzles that spray dust at strategically placed spots on the site create a fine fog that attracts dust particles and settles them quickly to the ground.