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Facts on Asbestos Exposure


When asbestos comes in contact, it is considered to cause harmful and sometimes life-threatening diseases. It is recommended is to visit a doctor asap during such an incident. These are some of the most basic and helpful facts on asbestos exposure.

  1. When asbestos material enters our body, most of it manages to come out of our body leaving behind just a few inside. However, this little material when collected on the surface of the lungs can lead to sever problems. Problems include chest pains, difficulty in breathing etc.
  2. If an individual is exposed to asbestos in the longer run, then it can even cause death.
  3. US Environmental Protection Agency has stated that there is no safety to an individual who has been exposed to asbestos whether in small or large amount.
  4. Even after a treatment, there is safety to the individual when exposed to asbestos.
  5. People in the region of 3000 every year are faced with problems related to asbestos. The United States of America has seen this problem and the number of people keeps rising.
  6. Individual above the age of 30 start to witness the symptoms of asbestos. It is hard to detect any symptoms before this age.
  7. Lung cancer is seen in individual’s who smoke regularly and who are exposed to asbestos. Smokers should try to quit smoking immediately after being exposed to asbestos.

These are a few facts about asbestos exposure. In Newcastle, asbestos removal is absolutely necessary from houses and commercial places.