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Leadership Principles for Project Success

We all need and thrive on successful projects. But what exactly does the project's success mean? Is project successful and timely delivery within budget? Or is it the way to glory? Are the results always matter most? What're more successful projects mean?

There is no doubt that a good project management is an important factor in the success of the project. That is, the project could not walk without project management, be it formal or informal.

Leadership Principles for Project Success

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And what is needed to achieve project success? Whether successful fall from the sky? Is it a coincidence? Or can we actually plan a success?

You have to have something that holds things together. The underlying assumption is that we need some form to organize and run the project.

Someone had to do something. In this case, project management help set the frame, providing the structure and to the potential chaos. Without this structure a project leads to nowhere; it will most likely fail, if it ever takes off.

If you want to produce the results of which seem to mess you have to build a structure that allows creativity, innovation, and results. Project management provides an excellent tool to build this structure.

They are important and necessary for the success of the project. But are they enough? I do not think so. I stated that unless you gear them in the right direction, they remain ineffective.