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Physiotherapy – Direct Patient Care with a Holistic Approach

Back pain is common. It can range from mild discomfort to severe pain. If properly managed, most people will quickly recover from back pain. Physiotherapy treatment is an integrative approach that involves the patient in their care.

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 Physiotherapist Job Description

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There are many things that can cause back pain, including:

* Poor posture

* inherited spinal deformity

* Bending or twisting incongruously

* over-stretching

* Standing for long periods

* incorrectly lifting or transporting objects

Physiotherapy, a specialty that helps people of all ages manage pain using a variety of methods to speed up recovery, is a profession that can be considered a specialization. This can be very helpful when someone has been injured, is ill, or is disabled. 

It is important to get treatment as soon as possible to reduce lower back pain. Although physiotherapists are commonly thought to be only dealing with musculoskeletal issues, they are skilled professionals who can also work in other areas such as-

* intensive care

* Mental health

* Neurology (including stroke).

* Long-term conditions

* Breathing problems

* Men's and women's health, including incontinence

* Recovery after major surgery

* Orthopedics and Trauma

* Sports

* workplace health

* Pediatrics (children).

* Care for the elderly

* Education and promotion of health

Highly skilled and competent healthcare professionals, physiotherapists work in a multidisciplinary team. They assist people suffering from physical disabilities, such as injury, illness, or disability. 

They are employed by NHS hospitals, community-based organizations, private clinics, hospitals and clinics as well as sports clubs, charities, and work in workplaces. They assist people with restoring their movement and bringing them back to pre-injury