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Effective Solutions to Sell Your Self Published Book

Bookstores aren't fans of self-published books due to their low average sales figures. Bookstore chains must sell a large number of books every month to ensure that the lighting is on as well as doors are open. Costs of operation like rent, salaries, and utilities require them to make sales of books to keep the store profitable.

Book self publishing may not be able to sell the massive quantities of books needed to cover huge bookstore costs. Indeed, different sources affirm that the majority of self-published titles sell an average that is 300.

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You aren't average, right? Develop a strong marketing strategy for your book. Be sure to use the appropriate social media platforms like Twitter as well as Facebook. Create a fan base and make it easier for your customers to visit the local bookstore to purchase your book, instead of using the many online retail channels. If customers continue to purchase your book from bookstores and sales rise then the retailers will notice.

Bookstores are expected to pay wholesale prices when selling books in their shops. Prices that are wholesale are the discount prices that bookstores offer to you (or publishers) and leave bookstores with the possibility to earn a profit from the sales. In general, the wholesale price is 55% less than what retail prices are for the book. If you own the book with the retail price of $20, a bookstore could expect you to offer it at $9.00. A lot of self-published authors utilize Print on Demand (POD) publishing firms to publish and print their books.

The majority of POD publishing firms have the option of pricing programs that allow them to decide the wholesale and retail price of the book according to the specifications of your book like the page count, black or and white, hardbound, or paperback. In turn, after paying for production cost it may leave an author with the inability to offer an acceptable wholesale discount price to bookstores.


If having your book in stores is something you would like to do and you're interested in selling your book, think about printing methods which permit you to enjoy the low cost of production and also the ability to decide your own price for retail. It can be accomplished by using offset printers and a digital one.