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Improve Your Business By Speech Analytics

Integration of speech analytics into a business can be very helpful if applied thoroughly. Some of the benefits that SA can provide to businesses are as follows:

Better customer relations: as mentioned, the implementation of automated speech analytics into the quality management and quality assurance areas of an enterprise helps in improving customer relations. You can also choose Call Center Speech Analytics & Voice Analytics from

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Better customer relations mean increased customer retention, thereby bringing overall growth to the business.

Increase in revenue: with better customer relationships, customer retention increases. This brings in more revenue and thereby growth of the business.

Cost-effective: installation of automated speech analytics has low hardware requirements, with a single server being able to analyze more than 1440 hours of calls each day, which is equivalent to 180 agents working for eight hours.

The cost of the hardware and the installation of the process of SA is negated when it turns the contact center into a strategic asset for the enterprise.

Critical information: the critical information provided by the Speech analytics process proves vital for the supervisors and managers, who can use this information to improve customer relations by training the representatives to interact in an improved manner.

The real-time analytics also helps in triggering alerts to the supervisors, who can step in conversations that need higher-level intervention.