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The History Behind Diamond Jewelry

Diamonds have been the most treasured passion of humanity for centuries. Diamonds were discovered in the early 5000 years of human history. Diamonds have special significance in ancient history as religious symbols. 

Different forms of diamonds have been the subject of many traditions and beliefs. It is a great tool for making jewelry. It is the hardest material known and was used by ancient men to shape and engrave other metals and objects. You can also buy beautiful diamond jewelry from

New machinery and processes were developed to harness diamonds with the industrial revolution of the 19th century. This was the beginning of modern diamond jewelry.

India was the only country where diamond ores could be found in ancient times. These mines were exhausted by centuries of mining and exploitation that began in the 19th century BC.

Today, the majority of diamonds are imported from Russia, Australia, and South Africa. Today, diamonds can be used to embellish a wide range of accessories, from wristwatches to handbags. However, diamonds are used primarily to make jewelry.

The purest and beautiful colorless diamonds are the best. They are preferred to colored diamonds because of their unbeatable brilliance. Diamonds are the hardest material and therefore must be cut with tools made from stronger diamonds. 

The quality and cost of diamonds will vary depending on their purity. Four major characteristics are used to grade diamonds. These are the cuts (the symmetrically aligned section of the diamond's surface), the carat (weight), and clarity (purity/perfection).