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All About Scuba Certifications

If you are planning on learning how to scuba dive, you'll need to complete a training course and receive certification. For new learners, this means you'll need to choose between PADI certification.

For experienced divers, there's a vast assortment of courses available which could help you improve your skills and get much more pleasure out of your underwater experiences. You can learn and experience scuba diving at Atlantic Edge Scuba.

All About Scuba Certifications

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Following is a breakdown of what you could be considering taking.


For brand new non-divers, the primary choice is whether to pursue a PADI certificate. Both dive certification applications have exactly the exact same goal and discuss the exact same general thoughts: to educate people on how to dive safely.

They have strong reputations and have licensed divers all around the globe through their own programs. The most important distinction is that the PADI certificate is much more popular and is maintained by the majority of the new sailors that struck the water.

PADI E-Learning

Even though it may sound ridiculous to understand to scuba dive via an e-learning course, what you are actually doing is studying the fundamentals through an internet course. Things you'll learn include advocated scuba equipment, the way to utilize your scuba gear, and most of all safety precautions.

You would choose the course at your convenience, pass the online quizzes intended to check your comprehension, and then proceed onto the water-portion of your studying in an approved diving center or hotel with an experienced trainer.