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CCTV Installation In Sydney

The installation of IP surveillance cameras has increased steadily in recent years. IP (Internet Protocol Camera) cameras are digital video cameras that are used for surveillance and can send and receive data through computers and the Internet.

Although installing an IP camera is relatively easy, the biggest security challenge is ensuring that hackers can't find your camera on the Internet. You can easily get more information about cctv installation in Sydney via

Here are some installation tips to help you protect your IP surveillance cameras from bouncing eyes:

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IP surveillance cameras are currently equipped with user-defined firmware. If security breaches are detected, camera manufacturers often fix vulnerabilities by updating firmware. The firmware can be updated from the manufacturer's official website through the administration console.

Therefore, constantly check the website of your IP surveillance camera manufacturer for the latest firmware version that cannot be exploited by hackers and other Internet users.

To avoid emissions from your camera on the Internet avoid connecting them to the internet. Keep your camera local for more data protection and security and block for internal IP addresses that cannot be sent.

Note that even if your IP address is not interrupted, your surveillance cameras may be vulnerable to software that can expose you to the Internet. Therefore, it is mandatory to visit the official product website to learn how to lock your camera only in local internet mode.