Take Statutory Declaration For Company Formation

In order to establish a limited liability business in the UK requires the submission of company house forms, 10 and 12, as well as an article of association to finish the company's incorporation and registration. The company formation form 10, which is used to record the information of the initial director(s) as well as the secretary of the company, and the address for the registered address of the limited liability company are filed. Information required should include the addresses and names of officers as well as directors.

Directors must provide their date of birth, their occupation, and the information about other directorships that were held during the past five years. For the formation of a company, you need a statutory declaration from an authorized person such as a lawyer. You can easily find the authorized lawyer by searching a phrase like “lawyer for statutory declaration near me” in the search engine.

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Before you submit the registration forms, go to the company's house website and carry the name search to verify that the name is appropriate and is available. Names that are similar to those of existing companies are not suitable, nor are names that may be a source of offense. On form 10, enter the proposed limited liability company's name complete, comprising Limited with the word "Limited" as the word last, and your proposed office address.

A registered office of a company is where companies house can send letters to the limited liability company following the formation of the company. Input the addresses and names of the Secretary of Company and Directors, by alphabetical order. It is highly recommended that each address and postcode be double-checked prior to submission on the royal mail website.