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Keeping The Kids Active On Holiday

When children are on vacation, removing them from TV or computer games can be difficult, but we all know that it is important for them to get in and out. To help you, we have developed several activities that encourage you to go out and study while you are there.

Zone of indoor activity

The active indoor area is great for small children and allows them to play in a safe environment without direct supervision. You can also organize summer camp for kids via

The most common types of active indoor areas are often close to pubs throughout the country.

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Farm garden

The farm park offers children the opportunity to explore various new activities while having fun for parents.

With seasonal activities that are always changing, things you can expect in the farming park range from animal feed and eagles to indoor and outdoor activity areas. With all the facilities available, Taman Pertanian has something for everyone and is a great family outing.

Paintball and laser games

Paintball and laser games are great for older children and offer good training, but can be expensive, especially if you bring a group with you. Paintball is very expensive because companies often charge low entry fees and then paintball which can add up for everyone.