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How To Clean Your Commercial Refrigerators Condenser Coils

The largest obstacle to the efficient operation of a commercial refrigerator or freezer is located in the condensing unit. The condenser is important as it removes heat generated by the mill from the inside of the appliance and also dissipates it into the outside air.

This keeps the refrigerator or freezer operating efficiently. Maintaining the condenser coil clean regularly is the most important thing you can do to ensure a long, reliable service life to your commercial refrigeration equipment. For more information about commercial refrigeration cleaning, you can  click here now

commercial refrigeration cleaning

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Dust and grime accumulate on the coil of the condenser, which prevents air from flowing and causes the condenser coil to produce heat to retain heat. This makes the fridge work harder to function economically and uses more energy generally. 

1: Disconnect Power into Unit

Never do any service work on your refrigerator or freezer without unplugging the gear.

2: Eliminating the Grill

The freezer or cooler will have a grill in the compressor unit. You will need to remove this to obtain access to the condenser coils. Follow the instructions on your user guide to remove the grill. 

3: Brushing the Coil

Using the soft brush, gently brush off accumulated dirt out of the condenser coils.  Great care has to be taken to prevent bending the fins.

The bent wing blocks the airflow in the condenser, which damages operating efficiency and shortens the life span of the compressor coil. If dirt is still sticking to the coils after cleansing, use compressed air to blow the dirt clean.