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Foundations For A Sustainable, Energy Efficient Home

Foundations are among the most essential components of a home. If you’re considering building your home, you’ll be faced with the dilemma of which foundation to pick. What do you do to decide which foundation is the most suitable?

Finding the best kind of foundation is largely dependent on the soil’s condition and the features (e.g. slope) ; however, most likely your house will be constructed on one of the two types of foundations: slabs or crawl space.  You can navigate to for more details on sustainable home foundation.


Concrete slab

There are situations where concrete slabs may be the best solution. This substance should not be completely disregarded.

Thankfully there is a paradigm shift occurring in attitudes towards sustainability and conservation of resources. A growing number of homeowners and builders are now opting for green construction and “sustainable” concrete is beginning to emerge.

The sustainable structure of concrete is designed in order to ensure that its total environmental impact of the construction cycle, which includes its usage, will be low. If your new house is constructed to have the lowest energy requirements that is made of wood, which is the greenest material on earth, and constructed without trash, it is possible to reduce any carbon emission of your concrete slab.

When discussing sustainability, it’s important to think about the entire life-cycle. Concrete structures do not require replacement for a lengthy duration and require little energy and resources utilized for maintenance when contrasted to other construction materials. 

Also, it is possible to decrease your cement consumption needed by including the fly ash and slag cement and silica fumes, which are all produced by power plants as waste and steel mills.