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What Is a Tax Advisor In North Carolina?

A tax advisor is an individual with specialized knowledge of taxation and financial planning who provides advice to their clients about these topics. If you need to know what a tax advisor does or are wondering if you could be considered a tax advisor, read this article to find out more!

A tax advisor is someone who helps you with your taxes. They can help you with filing, estimating your taxes, and more. Speed Financial Group in North Carolina can also provide advice on deductions and credits that you may be able to take. 

Types of Tax Advisors:

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CPA: Certified public accountants are licensed to provide tax advice. They have completed an accredited accounting program and passed the required state licensing exam. CPAs typically charge a flat fee for their services, although some may offer volume discounts or offer a combination of services and advice.

Attorney: Attorneys can provide tax advice, but they are not typically licensed to provide accounting services. Instead, they generally focus on legal issues related to taxation. Some attorneys also offer limited tax preparation services.

Enrolled Agent: Enrolled agents are not certified as accountants, but they are licensed by the IRS to provide tax advice. They must pass an ethics test and pass an exam that covers financial planning, estate planning, and taxation. They generally charge a commission for their services.