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Timber Frame Home Construction In Sydney

Timber frame homes have over the years become popular among many people due to their cost-effectiveness and Eco-friendly attributes.

It is clear that more people are opting to build these kinds of homes in the country and there is no doubt that these structures provide homeowners with warmth, easy to construct designs and aesthetic features that you will fall in love with.

The process of building a timber frame home is not complicated if planned properly and done professionally. This article is a step by step guide to timber frame home construction process to follow.

Design your home

The first step towards success will be to design your timber frame home based on your lifestyle. There are both contemporary and traditional styles to choose from based on your ideas. During this process, you will need to come up with dimensions and a floor plan which will be implemented during the construction.

Come up with a sketch that you can discuss with your architecture or designer for professional input. You will need to come up with a floor and roof plan as well as the elevations. Whatever you come up with, it is good to communicate with your designer for more detailing.

Do your cost calculations

Building a timber frame house will cost you based on your lifestyle and structural needs. It is good to determine the cost before proceeding with the next step and this will be determined by your budget as well. The beauty of timber frame homes is that they allow for easier planning which can help in cost-cutting.