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What is the ‘too many toes’ sign?

This will likely seem a bit odd and the sign isn't regarding how many toes you've got, thus it isn't some type of hereditary deformity with the feet. It's really a feature which health professionals frequently view and comment on when examining the feet as well as taking a look at someone walking. When anyone is standing vertical and you look at them from behind and check out on the front of the feet, you are able to normally start to see the little toe and perhaps the next toe on the outside when looking. In some individuals you can observe more than the lateral couple of toes viewed from behind – this is what is referred to as the too many. It refers to the number of toes are observable on the lateral side when looking at someone standing up while looked at from behind. Several toes are normal, all the toes is rather excessive and a few of the toes can be thought to be fairly abnormal. In addition to standing up, the too many toes sign could also be seen when individuals are walking and running.

It can be of some debate concerning if there is lots of toes being visible on the outside when looked at from the back is going to be of any clinical relevance or not? Some individuals with this particular sign will have a externally rotated stride and in most of the people this is quite normal and of no negative effects. Many people with this sign can have a greatly pronated foot so that the forefoot abducts considerably to cause the too many toes sign. This kind of condition may be quite painful and also debilitating. In cases like this you could think about that the sign isn't a issue alone, however is an indication that there's an underlying problem of the too much pronation. It is usually more a manifestation of the problem instead of a problem by itself.

A problem with using the phrase, ‘too many toes sign’ is that it is nocebic and conjures up the picture in an individuals thoughts that they have some sort of clinical condition when they do not actually. Using words to explain those kinds of conditions must be selected very carefully so they won't unduly worry people. If the condition is required to be handled because it's a symptom of an underlying problem then attention ought to be geared towards that. In the event the overpronation will be the primary reason for the too many toes sign and there is a need to deal with this, then there are alternatives. Not every instances of overpronation need to be treated, however when they will the most common intervention is to use a foot orthotic. These may be custom made for each individual or they can be over-the-counter type of mass manufactured variety. Great supportive shoes could also be helpful. Dependant upon the cause, there are a variety of exercises which can be handy such as the short foot exercises and also exercises for the hip to increase external rotation with the leg. If you think you or someone you know may have this too many toes sign, then get to a health care professional experienced with this disorder to have some help and advice.