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Bamboo Towels are an Eco-Friendly Alternative to Cotton

Bamboo towels are, as the name implies, towels made using bamboo fibers making them a sustainable alternative to conventional cotton towels. As we see the effects of Global Warming, there has been an increase in the need of being environmentally friendly, and products such as bamboo towels are becoming popular in both markets and homes. 

The possession of eco-friendly bamboo towels is the ideal option to incorporate green awareness into your living space. You can purchase the best eco-friendly bamboo napkins/wipes from Ecoengros.

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Contrary to the cotton crop, bamboo is among the most prolific and fastest-growing plants. It is an eco-friendly resource, is without pesticides, and can reach maturity without the use of chemical ingredients in just two years. It is an eco-friendly, efficient production, and cost-effective fiber.  

In comparison to cotton-made towels, bamboo has many advantages to using towels made of bamboo. Bamboo yarn is more supple than cotton, and its moisture-wicking properties are superior, which means it absorbs and dries quickly, is more eco-friendly than cotton, and the majority importantly, it is renewable. It adds natural softness to towels with a silky smooth texture.

The amazing antimicrobial bamboo properties make it a safe, hygiene-conscious choice for bathrooms. Bamboo towels are constructed from either 100 percent bamboo or a mix of 35 and 65% cotton percent bamboo. This makes them much safer to use for whatever purpose whether it's for bathing, kitchen for cooking, as a beach towel, or hand towels.