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Accessories That Best Suits Your In-Ground Trampolines

Trampolines can be a great addition to any home. They are great for kids' recreational fun and can also be used for exercise, such as for gymnastics or aerobics. Many believe trampolines and trampolining originated from Eskimos, who used a walrus-skinned sheet to throw people into the air. The trampoline process has changed greatly.

Today's trampolines are made from strong taut fabrics stretched over a metal frame and anchored together with strong metal coils. There are many accessories for trampolines that can be added to the luxurious lifestyle we live in. These include enclosures, exercise equipment, ladders, and other items. Many trampolines are available nowadays that fit your budget and lifestyle.

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Safer way to learn big air snowboarding, skateboarding, and wakeboard moves. Fun Spot's bounce board allows riders to harness the trampoline’s full potential for training without damaging the trampoline mat. Your trampoline cover will protect your investment by prolonging the life of its components. 

Covers for trampolines from Fun Spot protect against the sun, rain and salt, as well as prolonging the life of safety pads and mats. The trampoline covers can also be used as a safety device by communicating to children that the trampoline "closed" if an adult is not present.

The trampoline ladders, made of high-carbon, powder-coated steel, are resistant to rain and UV exposure for years. Our trampoline ladder is easier to assemble than other ladders, which can be tedious and compromise stability. The rungs are welded at the sides. The trampoline ladders are available in two height settings, 39 inch and 47 inches. They are perfect for home trampolines.